KöR Whitening - Deep Bleaching System

KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching is the newest, most revolutionary and effective teeth whitening system ever developed. Unlike typical teeth whitening procedures:

* KöR Whitening is so effective; it is the only recognized system in the world that will even whiten tetracycline (dark) stained teeth, previously thought to be impossible.

* With easy periodic at-home maintenance your teeth will stay white permanently, even while you continue to drink red wine, tea, coffee etc.

* During the whitening process nearly all patients experience only low to typically no teeth sensitivity.

This procedure is comfortable and 100% safe for your teeth and gums. The result is a radiantly white, natural appearing smile that you will LOVE! It’s perfect for everyone, from 14 to 90!

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Smile makeovers in just 2-weeks!

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